Plan B Press goes on hiatus

15 years is a long time. Starting as a concept in 1998 (being part of a 30 day poetry festival that would begin on April 1, 1999 to be called Bardfest), Plan B Press has gone through several incarnations. First publishing poets involved with Bardfest then Philly poets and later poets in the Washington DC area, we have been privileged to read a lot of wonderful poetry and to publish more than 50 outstanding poets. 

However, it’s time for us to go on hiatus for awhile. Steve is working on a few longer projects and Katy has a new house to feather. We elect to take time for ourselves right now. We have suspended our annual chapbook contest and will not be accepting nor reading any new work after August 1, 2014. We will honor the commitments we have made and our website will remain open for book sales. In 2015 we will be publishing I ATE EVERYTHING THEY PUT IN FRONT OF ME: THE SOME US PRESS ANTHOLOGY co-edited by Kim Roberts and stevenallenmay. Beyond that the future is uncertain. Please check the website for future developments. 

Thank you for your past support. To the poets we have published; we are honored to have done so. Namaste.


Katy Jean May